BodyCup Pro User Guide

bodycup pro overview

The ancient healing method of cupping has continuously shown powerful benefits in improving cellular immunity, alleviating pain from knots, and dramatically improving blood flow while reducing cellulite. Combining this technique with modern therapy modules such as dynamic suctioning, red light therapy, therapeutic heating, and vibrational massaging, we have designed one of the most powerful all-in-one therapy for convenient at-home use.


Preparation Before Use

1.  It is recommended to clean and moisturize the skin before using the BodyCup Pro. You can apply essential oils or any moisturizer on targeted areas.

2.  Carefully remove and disinfect the transparent cup/tube by rotating it counter-clockwise, then dry it before and after each use.

3.  Tighten and install the transparent tube.

Getting to know your device

Power Button

1.   Press and hold for 1 second to turn on your BodyCup Pro. The LCD screen on the control panel will display the 20 minutes countdown, and the temperature indicator will light up. Each device is equipped with a run time of 20 minutes timing and automatically shuts down after 20 minutes.

: it is important to only start with a couple of seconds (10-15) as a beginner to test skin sensitivity.

2.  To shut your BodyCup Pro down, press and hold the Power Button. The LCD screen and red light will shut off, indicating that the device is now off.

: Please be sure to press the Suction Release button prior to shutting off the BodyCup Pro to depressurize the skin for ease the removal).

3.  While your device is on, short press the Power Button to change between the two therapy modes:

Mode 1 (Deep Negative Pressure Mode): BodyCup Pro focuses on suction, deepening its negative pressure to maximize blood flow and consequently stimulate the muscle for repair.

-  Mode 2 (Dynamic "Breathing" Mode): the device dynamically alters between negative pressure and release, quickly switching between suctioning and "breathing" aiming to relax the skin with a gentle and revitalizing massage.

: Upon start up, the default mode is set to Mode 1 (Deep Negative Pressure Mode) while the pressure intensity and temperature levels are set to level 1.

Suction/Pressure Intensity Button

1.  Upon powering on BodyCup Pro, suction intensity will be on level 1 by default.

2.  To switch between the 12 levels of intensity simply press the Suction Intensity Button to increase by 1 level. Each press will reveal the current intensity level on the LCD screen for a short while before switching back to displaying the countdown timer.

3.  Once you reach level 12, the next press will revert the intensity back to level 1.

NOTE: For beginners, it is strongly recommended to start with level 1 intensity for just a few minutes (Anywhere from 30 sec to 2 minutes) as your skin needs to adapt to cupping therapy. It is also advised to pay close attention during your first few sessions to avoid overworking the skin as you determine your sensitivity/ tolerance. More advanced users may go up to higher levels for a maximum of 20 minutes on each targeted area, every other day.

Pressure Relief/Pause Button

During cupping, if you want to immediately shut-off the suction feature to remove the device easily, briefly press this key to release all pressure and enter the standby state.

NOTE: When using BodyCup Pro with essential oils, please be sure to keep the oil on the skin. After the skin surface evenly coated so BodyCup Pro can apply pressure properly and function.

Cotton filter

BodyCup Pro is designed with a circular cotton filter to catch unwanted particles during use, effectively blocking debris from reaching into the electrical components through the vents. Please carefully clean your BodyCup Pro after use and replace or clean your filter after each week of use to maximize reliability.


1. Turn on BodyCup Pro, by holding the power button (D) for few seconds. By default, the device will be set with a 20 minutes timer after which it will automatically shut down 

2. The smart cup is equipped with two mode: deep negative pressure (default mode) and soothing mode. Short press the power button / mode (D) to change the type of therapy 

3. Select the desired suction strength with the dedicated button (E), short pressing it until you reach the level that fits your need. Each short press will increase the suction power by 1 gear out of 12 available. The smart display will show the current suction power every time you'll modify it. When the intensity reaches gear 12, short press again to return to gear 0. We recommend to start with gear 1 during the first therapy sessions

4. Select the desired temperature with the dedicated button (G), pressing it until you reach the level that fits your need. Each short press will increase the temperature level by 1 gear out of 12 available. The smart display will shortly show the current temperature level every time you'll modify it. When the intensity reaches gear 12, short press again to return to gear 0. The default 3-gear temperature level will be set by default every time you'll switch on your BodyCup Pro

5. We suggest to initially test the suction and temperature levels, putting the cup on the palm of your hand or forearm, to then placing it on the intended area, such as your back, arms, or legs

6. After the treatment time, turn OFF your BodyCup Pro by short pressing the release / pause button (F). We suggest a treatment time of 2 minutes for beginners, to then gradually extend it over time to 4 minutes

7. After treatments, blood vessels on your skin will dilate for a short period of time. We recommend to wait 45 minutes before bathing

Cellulite Removal Treatment

Bodycup pro cellulite treatment

Have you heard about the modern way to reduce cellulite? Yes, we are talking about a BodyCup Pro. Thanks to its advanced technologies, you don't need to find a professional, schedule treatment and go through the hassle. Anyone can remove bumpy skin and tone it at home with BodyCup Pro massager.

BodyCup Pro is one of the best and most affordable solutions for cellulite. With consistent weekly treatments (from 5 to 8 weeks) you will achieve the best results possible, and get back your smooth legs. This brief guide will help you understand how to use BodyCup Pro at its best.

Turn on BodyCup pro by holding the power button for few seconds. By default, the device will be set with a 20 minutes timer after which it will automatically shut down.

Additional Tips for better results

- Apply massage oil: Before using Bodycup Pro, try using massaging oil. It will help the suction performed by BodyCup Pro.

- Start with low intensity: Starting with low pressure and gradually increasing it will help your muscles to relax. You will start getting used to the sensation as you use it regularly.

- Massage Regularly: Being consistent in anything will gradually give better results.
Use the massager regularly. The best part is you can choose a schedule at your convenience and stick to it. Professional cupping therapies or cellulite removal methods don't offer this flexibility.

- Stay hydrated: Water will allow you to flush out all the toxins in your body, try drinking plenty of water before and after the massage.

- Maintaining a healthy diet: Diet plays a crucial role in the body's recovery. A perfect diet should contain healthy fats and high protein. Avoid high-fat-containing food and try a balanced diet rich in fruits, veggies and lean protein with cupping for cellulite.


Every BodyCup Pro includes a USB-C to USB-A cable. To charge your device Plug your smart device into any standard USB adapter. Do not try to use the device while charging and If you are using a charger from a third-party, ensure that it is from a certified manufacturer and has not suffered any structural damage.


Please read and understand this section to prevent personal injury that may be caused by incorrect operation.

Do not use the following medical electronic equipment at the same time as it may cause errors or damage to medical instruments, which can be life threatening.

1.  Implantable medical electronic devices such as a cardiac pacemaker.

2.  Life-sustaining medical electronic devices such as artificial hearts and lungs.

3.  Electrocardiographs and other medical electronic instruments.

4.  Patients with other medical implants.

5. Keep out of reach from children.

Bruising and Blisters

-  Bruising after BodyCup Pro is normal and a good sign that your therapy is effective and it's bringing toxins up to the skin, however, it is possible that BodyCup Pro, or any kind of cupping therapy, may form blisters on the skin.

-  Although it is rare, blisters form due to overuse as a beginner (high intensity/prolonged session), negligence to disinfect the skin or BodyCup Pro prior to use, or simply because your skin type is sensitive to cupping therapy and/or heat.

-  This is why we strongly advise beginners to start off very slowly at low intensity levels, using BodyCup Pro for just a couple minutes per muscle group to get a good feel for how their skin reacts.

-  Again, blisters are extremely rare but a possibility due to the nature of cupping therapy, please pay close attention to each session and stop using BodyCup Pro immediately if you feel strong discomfort br blisters forming.

Please do not use the device under the following circumstances to avoid accidents or discomfort:

1.  Patients who are pregnant, menstruating, with a damaged epidermis, varicose veins, and taking drugs.

2.  Patients with infectious diseases, skin sensitivities, and post-operative patients, patients with high fever or critical illness are also prohibited.

3.  Patients with malignant tumor or local damage and ulceration, traumatic fracture, acute suppurative inflammation, skin patients with loss of elasticity.

4.  Patients with abnormal heart, brain nerve, and blood pressure.

5.  Severe neuroticism, convulsion, spasm, and manic anxiety.

6.  Diseases prone to bleeding such as thrombocytopenia, leukemia, hemophilia, henoch Schonlein purpura, and other diseases associated with bleeding.

7.  Near the heart, facial features, private parts, or large blood vessels on the body surface.

8.  Patients with skin perception disorder or abnormal skin.

9.  The patient who is being treated by a doctor or feels physically abnormal.

10.  Excessive fatigue, drunkenness, and staying up too late (2 hours before and after meals are also prohibited).

11.  Patients whose skin is allergic to metal and red light.

12.  The device has a heating surface. Hence, the device is not for children who are unable to express their wishes freely or people who are unable to self-manage the device.

Please be advised, our company and associated companies are not liable for any injury caused by the use or misuse of this device. It is always recommended to consult with your physician before using or applying our device or any therapy device onto your body. Your health and satisfaction are our top priority.

Please read and understand this section to prevent personal injury caused by the wrongful operation:

1.  Please use BodyCup Pro correctly, in accordance with the operating instructions.

2.  When using BodyCup Pro, the transparent tube should be securely attached to the skin and evenly applied while avoiding contact with wounds and scars.

3.  The transparent tube may cause low-temperature scald or skin strain when used for a long time on sensitive skin, though this is rare. Regardless, please pay attention during use to avoid this.

4.  If you feel unwell when using BodyCup Pro please stop immediately and consult with you physician.

5.  Sharing the BodyCup Pro with another person.

6.  Do not use a notched or damaged transparent tube.

7.  After using this device, redness or ecchymosis may occur, which is a normal reaction to effective cupping therapy and usually subsides within 3-5 days (according to the individual's skin type).

8.  Wear your bruises proudly!

9.  When BodyCup Pro functions for a long time over a single session, there will be heating on the surface which is normal, just be mindful of your skin's sensitivity.

10.  In case of any abnormality during use, remove it immediately.

11.  Do not use the device while driving.

12.  Do not plug and unplug the USB charging cable with wet hands to prevent electric shock or accidents.

13.  This device contains a lithium battery; please do not disassemble, change, immerse it in water, or throw it into the fire to prevent damage and the device exploding/popping.

After use, the blood vessels on the targeted skin will dilate. You should rest for 45 minutes before bathing.

cleaning & maintenance

Please observe the cleaning and maintenance methods provided below to prolong the service life of BodyCup Pro:

1.  Wipe the tube with a dry non-woven cloth. Do not use acid-base detergent, alcohol, diluent, or gasoline. Clean with a solvent such as a nail remover.

2.  Turn off the power supply after each use and clean it with a damp towel.

3.  Store this device in a safe dry place.

4.  Do not leave BodyCup Pro idle with water residue.

5.  Do not use a hard brush to wipe.

6.  Do not use water and other liquids directly on the the device for cleaning.

7.  When the device is idle for a long time, please charge the device frequently to ensure its normal operation.

Please do not store in the following areas or under the following conditions:

-  Places vulnerable to vibration and impact.

-  Places with direct sunlight.

-  Hot and humid places.

-  Places with water.

-  Places with strong electromagnetic fields.

-  Near fireworks.

-  Places easily accessible to children.

-  Hot locations.


Please do not use the BodyCup Pro without first obtaining approval from your doctor if any of the following apply: pregnancy, recent surgery, epilepsy or migraines, herniated disks, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, or spondylosis, recent joint replacements or IUD’s, metal pins or plates or any concerns about your physical health.Again, frail individuals and children should be accompanied by an adult when using any suction device. These contra-indications do not mean that you are not able to use a BodyCup Pro or exercise device, but we do advise you to consult a doctor first.

When using the BodyCup Pro for the first time, pay attention to the step-by-step adjustment to find a suitable mode and intensity.

If the pressure is too high during the deep negative pressure mode, please press the pressure relief/pause button to relieve pressure to avoid skin discomfort.