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BodyCup Pro

BodyCup Pro

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BodyCup Pro combines traditional cupping with our cutting-edge Dynamic Breathing™ and B-Heat™ Technologies. We're bringing suction and heat together to create an easy-to-use digitized cupping experience that optimizes localized relief and recovery. With built-in safety sensors and on-device controls, BodyCup Pro safely brings professional-level therapy to the comfort of your home.

What's Included?

- BodyCup Pro
The smart massaging device

- Removable Polycarbonate Cup
High density polycarbonate component

- USB-C charging cable
Fast charge your device with any USB-C cable

- Digital user guide
Scan the QR-code on the packaging and discover how to use your device

Key Features

- 12 negative pressure levels, partioned among low (1 - 4), medium (5 - 8) and strong (9 - 12) suction degree

- 12 heat levels, capable to reach a max temperature of 122°F (50°C)

- 20 minute auto-shut off timer to keep you safe, always

- User-friendly control panel and led display

- Ultra-portable, thanks to its practical dimensions (78x94x94 mm)

- Powerful 1800 mAh battery


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Reshaping the future of recovery

What they say about us

Designed by professionals.
Made for everybody

Get rid of pain once and for all: BodyCup Pro dynamic breathing technology™ has been designed to be particularly effective against knots

by professionals.
Made for everybody

Use your smart cupping device across your body to transform it for good! Eliminating cellulite and strengthening your skin has never been so easy

The most advanced
cupping therapy device

Packed with amazing features

Packed with
amazing features

12 suction
strength levels

Fast charging

Easy to use
control panel

12 Heat
intensity levels

battery life

Shut-off timer

Massage away painful knots,
Unlock your potential

Massage away painful knots, 
Unlock your potential

The combined action of our dynamic breathing and B-Heat technologies™ gets rid of muscle knots and alleviates pain. It's amazing what you can do with your full range of motion

Massages away knots and aches

Improves blood flow and circulation

Enhances muscle

Increases mobility and range of motion

Goodbye cellulite.
Your ally for a smoother skin

The benefits delivered by BodyCup Pro go beyond the fitness world. The combined action of suction, heat & red light will look after your skin, becoming an ally in your fight against cellulite & water retention

Smooths away
cellulite and scars

water retention

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Trusted by thousands
of professionals

It's Just Pro

All the features that
you'll love

Feel the Heat

B-heat technology™, by your side. Therapeutic heat and red light are now combined to improve healthy cellular immunity and muscle relaxation as never before

Dynamic Breathing Technology™

Everyone is unique and requires ad-hoc treatments. This is the rationale  at the foundation of our dynamic breathing technology™, capable of delivering a unique recovery experience with its 12 suction levels 

Incredible Battery-Life

With a 180-minutes battery life, our smart cups are designed to last. Just focus on your recovery, BodyCup Pro won't leave you behind!

In a league of its own

BodyCup Pro - 70% Quiter
Average cupping devices
Previous Gen BodyCup Pro

Quieter than the average cupping device without having to reduce power at all. When other cupping devices force you to  choose, Bodycup Pro delivers on both

BodyCup Pro Q&A

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