Our Community

If you want to know what benefits Bodylance can bring to your door, take a look at some of our community members' experiences. After all, if it’s true that changes are driven primarily by passion and positive energy, there is nobody more suited than our Bodylancers to explain what you can get if you join us!

Tom McGrath

Personal trainer

I used to think that muscle pain and long recovery periods were just part of low calories dieting. But I was so wrong! My BodyCup Pro is the best thing that ever happened to my sport routine. It relieves muscle pain like nothing else I've ever tried.

Jenna Elis


Before any pilates session, I cannot start without relaxing with my BodySphere Pro: it truly changed my stretching routine! Relaxing has never been so good.

Sarah Franco


If you are tired of back aches from sitting at your desk all day, BodyHeal Ultra can be the perfect solution. Imagine yourself in the office, enjoying your favorite Spotify playlist and being massaged at the same time. What else could you ask for?

Evan Burwell


I became a Bodylancer at the beginning of 2023 (new year new me, right?). Since then, I have started having a proper recovery routine before and after each workout. I can feel the difference compared to before, and now I don't have any more excuses for any poor performance of mine.

Jessica Stone


I still didn't realize if my BodyPulse Ultra is helping me more to recover from my sport routines or my daily duties in being a mum, but thank you Bodylance for letting me feel like I am 30 again!

Derek Anderson


Truly fascinated by my new BodyCup Pro: I use it every day to help my clients recover faster and improve their performance. It's a true game changer, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level.

Alycia Drew


I initially got in touch with Bodylance in my CrossFit gym. A close friend of mine, Mark, was recovering with his BodySphere Pro. From the very beginning, I thought "I want it!". And that was just the beginning, now my BodyPulse Ultra is a constant presence in post-workout sessions.

Lucas Ridens

Basketball PLAYER

Sharing is caring, and that's what I love about Bodylance: its arsenal of products can be easily passed to a teammate of yours. And he can do the same. And the same. And the same. By walking this path together, I believe it's easier to unlock the best version of oneself.

Alice & Jenna

Accountant and nurse

Alice and I have never been sporty people. But we really care about our health and have a lot of fun together! We got a full set of BodyCup Pro and honestly, this pushed us to talk about it with other people, and now our inner circle is made up by people who are pushing us to be our best! Love it.