We believe that every organization has the power to have an impact for the good of our planet and people.

Therefore, we want to act. Not only to make directly a change, but also to show the world that every single organization has the potential to start giving back.


  • People

    We want to be Inclusive & diverse, an organization willing to unlock everyone's potential.

    Our belief is that only an equal & people-centric organization can drive true change and create value for every human being.

  • Planet

    We want to participate in the collective mission of changing the trajectory of our economy, in order to deliver a better world to the future generations. How? Starting eliminating all the negative externalities of our services and products.

  • Professionalization of Sustainability

    We firmly believe that results are the outcome of 1% ideation and 99% implementation. Accordingly, the best way to deliver what we promised in the other two pillars is linked with how we approach the sustainability field.

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Our priority #1 is to unlock Bodylancers’ potential, supporting them in their journey of becoming better versions of themselves. With this mantra, we have always been a people-centric organization. However, we are aware that in nowadays society, barriers to become the better versions of ourselves persist.

That’s why we are creating an inclusive and diverse team to drive the organization towards its goals, and reflect the diversity of the community that loves our products.

We aim to become a barrier destroyer, so that everyone can have the opportunity to grow within Bodylance and each member of our community can be proud to say that she / he is a Bodylancer. 

We want to set three goals for our future, in order to become an even further people-centric and a true diverse organization:

a) Increase to 50% the representation of any mix of (i) women, (ii) U.S. racial and ethnic minorities and (iii) LGBTQ+ members at a Director level or above;

b) Maintain 100% pay equity across all employes levels on an annual basis;

c) 4x investments in professional development for (i) women, , (ii) U.S. racial and ethnic minorities and (iii) LGBTQ+ members across all employes levels on an annual basis


Bodylance Climate Action Program (BCAP)

At Bodylance, we are aware that the climate trajectory towards society is pointing is critical. At the same time, we firmly believe that every organization has its portion of duty to act in favor of a brighter future and deliver a better world to the next generation.

In September 2022, Bodylance started to design a new climate program with suppliers, with the purpose to pave the way towards meaningful climate action results along with our supply chain partners. 

With these ideas in mind, we developed the Bodylance Climate Action Program, setting the following objectives for 2025:

a) Monitor GHG emission, at a scope 1, 2 and 3 levels;

b) Set science-based targets for scope 1 and 2 emissions;

c) Measure the share of renewable energies in use among suppliers;

d) Set targets and define initiatives with supplier to reduce fossil fuels dependencies and increase the use of renewable energies;

e) Monitor waste to landfill outcomes and collaborate with suppliers to design reduction targets;

f) Collaborate with the entire supply chain to further explore climate-related risks and opportunities

Professionalization of Sustainability

We are just at the beginning of our journey, but we are committed to reach ambitious results in the incoming future. Why? Because we have the duty to do our best in order to save our planet and enhance our community. 

In line with this statement, Bodylance is willing to commit itself in constantly improving from Environmental, Social and Governance perspectives, so that every single year we will be able to evolve, and have a deeper positive impact to every stakeholder we touch in pursuing our business model.

In this regard, Bodylance is willing to:

a) Design its first Impact Report by the end of 2023;

b) Give more space to our ESG specialists in decision making, constantly having a top management member with deep ESG expertise;

c) Reduce collaborations with supply chain members (upward and downard) that are aggravating their ESG positions