BodySphere Pro
User Guide

bodysphere pro OVERVIEW

BodySphere Pro is the top-range vibration device of the Bodylance family. Vibration power and versatility combined make this smart massaging device perfect for upgrading your recovery routine, targeting areas that could get healthier with localized pressure. After years of development in the vibration field, this device has been meticulously designed to embed and synergically mix top-notch technologies ideal for fitness and wellness purposes


Portable, smart and effective, this device can be used by everybody and on everybody, whether you are a professional therapist or you just recently decided to move your first steps into the recovery world. BodySphere Pro is intended to enhance natural healing processes, by warming-up muscles, strengthening and tone up your body. BodySphere Pro is also great in enhancing mind muscle connection and alleviate delayed onset muscle soreness. Become master of your recovery

Getting to know your device


- To turn on, press down on the power button for three seconds until LED lights illuminate.

- Press again once for level one, twice for level two and three times for level three. The blue LED lights will indicate the corresponding power level.

-  Do not use directly on a hard surface. Use only on a carpeted floor or a fitness mat.

- To turn off, press down on the power button for three seconds. The unit is fully turned off when allthe LED lights are off.

- The unit will turn off after 10 minutes of use. To continue use, turn unit on again and set to desired level.

BodySphere Pro - Best Practices


Every BodySphere Pro includes a USB-C to USB-A cable. To charge your device Plug your smart device into any standard USB adapter. Do not try to use the device while charging and If you are using a charger from a third-party, ensure that it is from a certified manufacturer and has not suffered any structural damage.


Cleaning your BodySphere Pro is pretty easy, however here are some suggestions that will help you keeping your device at its best.

1. Before cleaning your smart device, ensure that BodySphere Pro is turned off

2. Use your preferred disinfectant wipes to sanitize your smart device. We recommend non-alcohol-based solutions

3. Do not use hard brush or any other scratchy cloth to wipe your device

4. Finally, dry your smart device with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth


- Do not submerge BodySphere Pro in liquids

- Do not try to disassemble the device - If your BodySphere Pro stops working, please contact the assistance

- After 20 minutes of use, allow the smart device to rest for at least 30 minutes before re-using

- Unplug BodySphere Pro after charging or prior to use

- Do not use it directly on a hard surface. Use it only on a carpeted floor or a fitness mat

- Do not store it in places vulnerable to vibrations and impacts, direct sunlight, hot and humid areas, places with liquids, strong electromagnetic spots and areas accessible to children

- This is not a toy, fragile individuals should be accompanied by an another person when using the device


Please do not use the BodySphere Pro without first obtaining approval from your doctor if any of the following apply: Pregnancy, recent surgery, epilepsy or migraines, herniated disks, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, or spondylosis, recent joint replacements or IUD’s, metal pins or plates or any concerns about your physical health. Again, fragile individuals and children should be accompanied by an adult when using any suction device. These contra-indications do not mean that you are not able to use a BodyCup Pro or exercise device, but we do advise you to consult a doctor first